Our services

Mobile doctor advice at Neukölln markets:
The Neukölln health department has been providing mobile family doctor advice since November 2020. We are always on site as health mediators. The consultation takes place directly in the neighborhood: Free of charge and barrier-free for everyone, regardless of origin, insurance status or mother tongue. On request, we can provide language mediation during the medical consultation in 13 different languages. You are welcome to come by with your questions! We publish the dates for the consultations under News, in the weekly newsletter and on our Facebook page.

Pop-up in public spaces:
In shopping centers or in public spaces, we provide multilingual advice directly on site in a pop-up format. We distribute flyers in the neighborhoods, provide multilingual information and pick up people in their everyday lives and with their very own questions and problems. We provide important referral advice there.

Consultation on the phone:
We can be reached by telephone every day from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. Call us with your questions, we take all your concerns seriously. We speak 11 languages ​​so that you can always find the right person to talk to in your native language.

Taman: 0176-317 523 22 (German, Persian, English, French)
Izabella: 0176-317 857 19 (German, Polish, English, Italian)
Özlem: 0176-317 857 33 (German, Turkish)
Andrea: 0176-317 857 45 (German, Romanian, Dutch)
Fathi: 0176-612 290 54 (German, Arabic)
Albert: 0176-317 857 45  (German, English, French, Creole and African-English)

Consultation via email or messenger:
We are with our work cell phones Of course, you can also reach us by email, Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger. If you prefer to communicate via chat, this is another way of contacting us. Please send your e-mail to: ikat-info@chance-berlin.com

Group and online consultation:
You represent an institution or a company? No problem. We would be happy to arrange a group appointment with you and your colleagues. We can offer group counseling at your location or via JITSI in online format, i.e. as online consultation hours. We would be happy to advise and inform you in your native language. Important: We cannot offer medical advice.

Multilingual newsletter:
We publish a weekly multilingual newsletter on the subject of COVID-19 and the fight against pandemics in Berlin. Here you can subscribe to the free newsletter.