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IKAT Neukölln

Our team currently consists of six people with different language backgrounds. With our linguistic diversity, we can reach out to you and inform everyone in Neukölln.

We are available for you from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Taman: 0176-317 523 22 (team lead)
Taman speaks German, Persian, English and French.

Izabella: 0176-317 857 19
Izabella speaks German, Polish, English and Italian.

Özlem: 0176-317 857 33
Özlem speaks German and Turkish.

Fathi: 0176-612 290 54
Fathi speaks German and Arabic.

Andrea: 0176-612 290 48
Andrea speaks German, Romanian and Dutch. 

Albert: 0176-317 857 45
Albert speaks German, English, French, Creole and African-English.

or by email to

Multilingual IKAT newsletter

We publish a weekly multilingual newsletter on the subject of COVID-19 and the fight against pandemics in Berlin. To subscribe to the newsletter, please send us an email to Or you can use the newsletter form on our website.

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The project is implemeted by Chance BJS gGmbH. Chance BJS gGmbH is a non-profit and network-oriented. The company sees itself as a service provider for education and labor market policy. Chance BJS gGmbH offers the development and implementation of employment and qualification projects within the framework of employment promotion, education and social policy.